Embers (Coven Daughters Origins Book 1)

Kat Turner

PARANORMAL: Megan O’Neil likes to chase rockstars. However, that isn’t the only thing she likes to chase. Megan is also a ghost hunter which keeps her busy enough to not be interested in any type of relationship. That is, until she meets Thom James, the rockstar. When Megan gets fired from her professor job, she concentrates fully on her side engagement, hunting ghosts. While she still has her latest late-night hookup on her mind, she encounters an evil spirit where she then, finds a magical book of witchcraft that connects her with a terrifying prophecy. Now not only does Megan have to keep the prophecy from coming to existence, but she also must decipher her feelings towards Thom, whether they are real or if he just came back for one thing. 

In this adult paranormal romance, Kat Turner sends chills down your spine. The author keeps the readers interests not only by having a demon-like character being the antagonist, but she adds a little flare with the intense relationship between Megan and Thom to keep the fires burning with each turn of the page. The supernatural reader gets a little bit of everything with this read, but not too much to be overwhelmed with just the ghost hunting aspect of the story. This is not a story meant to read in the dark! “Embers” gives the readers a bewitching feel that something is about to go awry with not giving too much detail away making the reader wanting to turn the page to see what happens next. 

Stephanie Bell