The Elven Spymaster’s Thief (Elves of Eldarlan Book 1)


PARANORMAL: Avril Soleil has been sent by her master, the Warlord Grimore, to steal a very particular artifact from the Elven Spymaster Whispier. Avril is a very accomplished thief, and yet up until now, she has purposely stayed under the notice of the most feared spymaster. This latest assignment will undo years of determined avoidance. When Avril dutifully orchestrates the robbery, she is surprised to find that the object of her mission is nothing but a common toy. She is further blindsided by Whispier’s detection and offer of a trade. Whispier wants her agreement to remain at his side as a companion in exchange for releasing her brother from his spy service. When Avril readily agrees, they both discover a friendship that is more than they bargained for.

 “The Elven Spymaster’s Thief” is a delightful fusion of magical fantasy and charming character. Avril’s bright, mischievous affect serves as a perfect counterpoint to Whispier’s sober, work-driven reticence. While the spymaster is pre-occupied by brewing regional conflicts and insidious attacks on his security, his new constant companion busies herself with getting to know his staff, the nature of his business, and the inner workings of the light elf himself. There is plenty of intrigue, but the narrative is essentially powered by the consolidating bond in their opposites-attract relationship. A human and elf would be a rare pairing indeed, as the difference in their life spans would doom the latter to a half-life once his partner was gone. Who then, could be targeting Avril for assassination? This marvelous romance leaves many unanswered questions, but opens the doors to more stories for Whispier, Avril, and those they love.

Joan Lai