Eleven Pipers Piping (The Twelve Days of Christmas Book 2)

Emily E K Murdoch

HISTORICAL: Seventeen-year-old Harmony Fitzroy might be shy when it comes to conversations, but when she sits down at a pianoforte her talent shines. So, it is with delight and trepidation that she accepts an invitation to take part in the Christmas Eve concert at the Assembly Rooms in Bath—her first public performance! Visiting her music instructor, she meets David Navarre, a piccolo player, whose talent leaves Harmony breathless. As Harmony spends time with David, she falls under his spell. He is everything she ever dreamed of in a suitor. He understands her and her passion for music. Soon she experiences passion of another kind, but reality interferes when she learns distressing news about her family. Furthermore, David refuses to discuss his family, leaving Harmony in despair. Can Christmas work its magic and bring these two young lovers together again?

“Eleven Pipers Piping” is a heartwarming holiday tale of love and romance that will charm readers! This novella is the second entry in the Twelve Days of Christmas series set around the Fitzroy family. Harmony Fitzroy is a pianist who comes from a close loving family where her musical talent has been allowed to develop. Harmony is quite shy and seems immature and too young at the start of the book, making it hard to get behind her as a heroine. David might be a few years older, but his secretiveness about his family is never satisfactorily explained. He shows no real growth by the end of the story. Music lovers will enjoy the musical details that are sprinkled throughout the story. “Eleven Pipers Piping” captures the holiday spirit with love, laughter, and romance!

Tricia Hill