The Earl’s Tempting Ward (Dukes Gone Dirty Book 2)


HISTORICAL: After a tragic accident befalls Benedict’s family, he becomes the Earl of Foster. He finds the responsibilities a burden, and now his mother tells him he has a ward. Philippa’s parents were killed in a carriage accident, and his mother is her godmother. Benedict wrongfully believes the ward will be a young child, not the beautiful redheaded siren before him. He is to take her to London to find a suitable husband. Once there, she finds fault with every man she is introduced to. Benedict becomes incensed when Philippa associates with Mr. Foley. He is a fortune hunter who would love to get his claws into Philippa, since she is a rich heiress. Soon thereafter, Benedict does his best to keep Philippa away from everyone, because she makes his blood boil with desire.

“The Earl’s Tempting Ward” is an erotic tale of two broken and scarred people trying to work through their grief. The characters come to life thanks to Ms. Moxie’s talented account. One can see and feel the Earl’s scars and angst as well as feel Philippa’s confusion concerning her parents’ death. This story is very formulaic with little surprise as Benedict and Philippa come together. Philippa is not a likable heroine throughout most of the story as she goes about her self-destructive way. The story gets bogged down with too much description, which slows the pace. While emotion is well-drawn, it doesn’t  always seem appropriate. This is an intriguing cat and mouse tale, where the cat is the young lady and the Earl is trying to do the right thing and stay away, but the temptation is too great.

Belinda Wilson