The Duke Trap (Determined Debutantes Book 3)


HISTORICAL: Leonora Holt is determined to get her revenge on the dreadful Duke of Dartmouth, who is the bane of her family's existence as far as she is concerned. She concocts a plan to ruin the duke's reputation, just as surely as he seems intent on ruining hers! Sebastian is just as determined to wreak revenge on the family that ruined his father, the previous Duke. Unfortunately, plans go awry. As two enemies who were best friends as children rediscover that lost connection, it becomes increasingly harder to hold onto thoughts of vengeance. And, when one kiss turns into two, more pleasurable thoughts take over. Even so, events set in motion can take on a life of their own. Can Leonora and Sebastian overcome the obstacles before them to find true love?

"The Duke Trap" entertains and delights with its light, breezy tone that sweeps readers along for the ride! There's a Shakespearian comedic quality at times that will charm readers. The enemies-to-lovers storyline never develops to its full potential, instead seeming to peter out. Moreover, the misunderstandings due to lack of communication take away from the sense of any great stakes. While Sebastian and Leonora's banter is amusing, neither character demonstrates much depth in terms of the consequences of their actions, and this is particularly true of Leonora who behaves more as a modern heroine than a Regency one. Sebastian's musical accomplishments along with Leonora's piano playing talent were refreshing touches and could have opened up some intriguing storyline possibilities. "The Duke Trap" engages readers with a light-hearted tale that will elicit chuckles and smiles from start to finish!

Tricia Hill