The Dream of Love (The Book of Love)

Meara Platt

HISTORICAL: Lady Remington, “Remi” Hartfield has been sent away by her self-absorbed mother and dismissed by her demanding father. She has never known love in her life. It’s the one thing she dreams of feeling. If only there were someone—just one person—willing to show her real love. Meanwhile, Vicar Adam Carstairs is trying to avoid his past. Love hurt him seriously when he experienced his brother dying in his arms on the battlefield.  Filled with guilt and hurt, Adam leaves his native Scotland home and travels to Wellesford, England, to be their vicar. Then Lady Remi’s overbearing father arranges a new—and unwanted—future for Remi, and she turns to Adam for help, and perhaps the love she has always dreamed of. 

Lady Remi is a delightful heroine! She is a spitfire with a genius for getting into one scrape after another. Her exuberant innocence and penchant for trouble are the perfect juxtaposition to Vicar Adam’s patience and calm demeanor. This is a novella, which doesn’t allow enough pages to flesh out the setting and all characters, which may leave readers wishing for a longer book. Remi did tend to repeat the unfair situation with her father to Adam, which slowed down the action. Timing is also hard to follow occasionally. Otherwise, this is a creative, organic story, with good conflict and characterization! Readers will absolutely want to spend a few hours with Remi and Adam, read their clean, humorous romance, and leave with a feeling of joy in their hearts!


Emerson Matthews