Desert Destiny (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book 7)

Anna Lowe

PARANORMAL: On duty, Officer Andie Hale spends her days keeping the peace, while off duty she finds peace in the beauty of northern Arizona. Lately, she’s had the company of a wild wolf who seems to touch something deep inside her. Roy doesn’t know what draws him to the house and the woman, but he can’t seem to stay away. It doesn’t help that he has been in wolf form for so long that he isn’t sure he remembers how to be human. But when danger arrives practically on Andie’s doorstep, Roy doesn’t have a choice. Andie doesn’t know what to make of the mysterious stranger and her police instincts tell her to be wary. Except the more she watches him, the more she is certain he is a good man, a man who attracts her as no man ever has. As Andie and Roy give in to their passion, someone is determined to bring death and destruction. Is it a Skinwalker or something else? Destiny brought them together, but will they have an ever after?

“Desert Destiny” captivates from the first page with an emotionally-charged tale of romance, suspense, and fated mates that never misses a beat! Andie is independent and strong, with just the right amount of vulnerability. Roy’s retreat into his wolf form for so many years creates a hero finding his way back into the world and into readers’ hearts. Memorable secondary characters do more than populate scenes. This is a story that wrenches out emotions of guilt, loneliness, and powerlessness and transforms them into the triumph of trust, friendship, and love. “Desert Destiny” will have readers panting for the next entry!

Tricia Hill