Castle of Bones: A Medieval Romance (De Wolfe Pack)

Kathyrn Le Veque

HISTORICAL: Hermes de Norville wakes from a horrible dream where he sees a woman hanging over a cliff. Hermes then wanders aimlessly about, coming upon a village at the foot of a cursed place, known as Castle Draygon. Hermes drinks alone at a tavern until a beautiful woman, Lady Catrine de la Pare, also known as the “Angel of Death”, arrives asking the villagers for help. Hermes saves Catrine from them, and promises to find out the real reason why she causes so many to die. Hermes follows her to the keep and attempts to get answers but falls down a hill. When Hermes awakens in a healer’s cottage, hurt yet still willing to go back and find out the truth about Catrine and the palace, he ends up risking his life in the process too.

Utterly delightful! A frighteningly scary story that is spine-tingly marvelous! Many elements are jam-packed into this ever-moving story, yet it nonetheless manages to be satisfying and not lacking despite its short length. The instant attraction between the main characters happens very quickly, but amazingly, it does work. The fast-paced, mysterious tale is dosed with slight romance and some humorous moments, making the book hard to put down, too.  Hermes, the pragmatic, logical hero, isn’t perfect and does things that are a bit off-putting but still manages to be a wonderful guy. Catrine, the enigmatic heroine, is tragically misunderstood but not a horrible person. Ms. Le Veque really knows how to write a Gothic medieval tale filled with ghosts, curses, spooky places, and realistic characters that readers will absolutely relish in! 

Roslynn Ernst