Back in Time with Jelly Beans (Jelly Beans and Spring Things)

Michelle Godard-Richer

TIME TRAVEL: Bella Thomas is home from school visiting her parents in Mayflower. Her dream is to become a big-time journalist, and she’s helped at the local town’s newspaper. While home, she decides to investigate the history of the fire that burned down the Jelly Bean factory in 1927. The fire killed the founder, Henry Hinchcliffe, and devasted the economy.  She wants to understand how it happened and why it affected the economy. She finds herself breaking into the burnt down factory, where a jelly bean transports Bella back in time to a year before the fire. She comes face to face with the handsome Henry Hinchcliffe, who comes to her rescue. Will she be able to stop the fire from ever happening and not fall in love with the handsome Henry, who can never be hers?

“Back in Time with Jelly Beans” is a sweet romantic time travel romance that leaves the reader wanting more. Michelle Godard-Richer has created a cozy time traveling story with believable characters that one can not help but fall in love with – Bella especially, who is willing to sacrifice everything to stop the fire and save the man she loves. The reader will enjoy the slow romance that develops between Bella and Henry, which does not feel rushed or fake. The author describes the past, the clothes of the characters, and their personalities very well. “Back in Time with Jelly Beans” is Book 1 in the Jelly Beans and Spring Things series, and it will have the reader looking forward to the next book in the series! Sweet and delicious, just like the named treat.

Victoria Zumbrum