Always the Lyon Tamer (The Lyon’s Den Book 13)

Emily EK

HISTORICAL: Rebecca Darby is courted by John Lennox, Marquess of Gloucester, for over a year, then he stops seeing her. Desperate for his love, Rebecca begins corresponding with him until he finally tells her he will not be attending anymore musicales, routes, or balls this season. Horrified she will not see him again, Rebecca finds her way to the Lyon’s den, a place of gambling and ill repute. The proprietress is well known for helping young women with their “man problems”. Mrs. Dove-Lyon plots out a plan with Rebecca with guaranteed results, and the lady sends an invitation out to Lennox to come to the Lyon’s den. He comes on the evening indicated on the invitation, and Mrs. Dove-Lyon asks him if he is willing to play a special game. Unbeknownst to him, he will play with a masked Rebecca, and the prize is marriage to her if all goes according to plan.

“Always the Lyon Tamer” is the latest addition to the Lyon’s Den series. Though a novella, the well-written characters are fully developed. The clever plot will pull at the heartstrings of the reader. Both hero and heroine share the same weakness which drives the storyline when they determine it is time to come out of their shells. It seems inconsistent with how abruptly and how out of character it is when they both decide to give up their virtue at the Lyon’s Den, especially John, when he thinks he is with a stranger, yet he can only think of Rebecca.  A lively and emotional story, it continues the Lennox family legacy. Ms. Murdock is a brilliant writer who knows how to entertain her readers to the fullest!

Belinda Wilson