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Tevin is a Grim Reaper. Once he was a Child-of-Balance – given a choice of which House to join: that of Light, Time, or Space. Now Alexcia is one, and she can sway the balance of Creation itself.

Resistance (Hathe #1)
Mary Brock

SCI-FI:  Earth is in trouble: running out of food, energy sources and dealing with severe overpopulation.

Aurora (Rory) Laudner is a newly-minted lawyer working for a small law firm. Her boyfriend of two years, James, is in the same profession.

Accept This Dandelion

COMEDY:  Renee Lockhart is perfectly comfortable behind a microphone, spinning tunes and writing radio advertising spots for KGBR until her friend at the station convinces her to audition for the local take on “The Bachelor”.

PARANORMAL:  Edith Myers is a studious high school student who doesn’t take any guff; especially from cheerleader Dana Blake, who is territorial when it comes to her boyfriend Alex.