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Natural Attraction

In the 1870’s, a girl from a rural town doesn’t have much hope of anything beyond being a wife and mother. Ignored by her parents, Clementine finds teachers willing to take her beyond elementary school, and she trains as a naturalist.

Dante, an unhuman Indebted, is bound to a demon that uses the Indebted to kill evil humans which he feeds on. Not quite alive and not quite dead, with abilities far beyond those of a human, Dante has been serving his master for over 300 years.

Virtue and Valor

REGENCY/SCOTTISH:  Bartholomew Yancy, Earl of Ramsbury and a War Secretary for Prinny, is sent to Scotland and the home of one of his closest friends, Ewan McTavish, to decide if the rumors of an alliance of revolutionaries is real. If it is, he is to figure out how to stop it.

Years ago Ty Garrett and Katy Fowler were each other’s first love, with plans to be together forever.  Returning to their small hometown ten years later, Katy is now a surgeon on the eve of her wedding, and wants her family’s hometown theatre to be renovated for the ceremony.

Vitoria (Tori) Miene and Wes Novak have a rough relationship that is more hate for each other than anything else. Ginnifer is Tori’s best friend and planning her wedding, and Tori is her maid of honor.