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Jordan Billette has achieved many milestones that her father, who passed away when she was eight years old, never got to see. By creating a special scrapbook with her Granny to document her memories, Jordan has made the most of preserving her father’s memory.

PARANORMAL/GREEK MYTHOLOGY:  Book two in the Descendant Prophecies series, Skylar Rome and Mason Grand are back in this fast-paced and action-packed sequel.

Rowena Godwinson is the last living member of the powerful Essex family.  Ordered by King William to marry Sir John of Normandy, she has misgivings about her upcoming nuptials, especially after the menacing words delivered to her by Norman guards.

Voodoo Vows: (Voodoo Vows #1)
Diana Marie

Rose Delacroix left New Orleans when her mother disappeared, but now she’s returned to the city of her birth to discover the truth. She uncovers more than she expected and finds herself immersed in a world of magic and voodoo.

Undercover Engagement

INSPIRATIONAL:  Alyssa Eastman has just become engaged to the man of her dreams - or has she? The day after she accepts his marriage proposal she finds out he is an international spy.