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Life in the 16th century American colonies comes with excruciating challenges - especially for the 21st century Alex, who has had to learn to adapt or die.  Matthew Graham has been her love, her saving grace and her reason for living ever since he found her and despite the odds, they have built

Rain Check
Gypsy Rae

NEW ADULT:  After a terrible accident takes both her adoptive parents' lives, Avery Montgomery realizes she will never be able to move on as long as she lives in her childhood home. She decides to take a drastic step and sets out to meet her birth mother.

WESTERN:  Emily Darling lived a charmed life - until her parents died and her brother took control of the family money and her life.  Now delegated to no more than an overworked housekeeper, Emily can see no way out of her miserable situation - until she stumbles upon a misplaced letter written

YOUNG ADULT/NEW ADULT CROSSOVER:  Anglei has always been keenly aware of the fact that life is fragile and short—especially since she almost lost her life in a tragic accident in her youth. So when she sets off to meet some friends that she’s met on the internet, in person, in a dramatic post-high school trip, no one is especially surprised by her spontaneity.

Renaissance of the Heart
Lori M.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Forty-year-old Amanda Lewis is blindsided when her husband of over fifteen years comes out of the closet and leaves her for a man.