Recent Reviews

COMEDY:  Kate Massie runs into her junior prom date, James Abell, nine years after their shared high school experience. He is immediately taken with her, but she has reservations borne of a death in her family years before. He is dealing with a clingy ex and a controlling mother who worries about keeping up appearances.

Scattered Seeds

Edward and Henry McConnell are forced to leave their beloved country of Ireland and flee to the New World. The voyage is brutal for all of them.

The Book of Sonny

Sonny is not loving life. His wife is distant, his children are estranged, and the only love he gets is from the family dog.

Waking Amy (Amy #1)

Amy Whitfield is trying to save her marriage, but her efforts are in vain when she comes home to find a note that her husband, Wesley, has left her. Before the information can sink in, however, she gets a call that he’s been in a car accident and is in a coma. She decides to use the time that he’s in a coma to try to be the girl that he would never want to leave when he wakes up.

HISTORICAL:  The Clan MacKay were the infamous Dragon Knights until evil came into their lives, taking the life of their sister and angering the Fae.