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Maddie McCormick has big plans for the greenhouse classroom she and her friends put together across the street from the school. Unfortunately, the local street thugs see the greenhouse as a hindrance to their business and have no qualms scaring off the elementary schoolers and teachers.

Rising Tides

The Earth has completely flooded, leaving only a small island for farming, and City, a floating town built from metal and plastic from the Time Before.

PARANORMAL:  Crystal has an unwavering faith in God - after all, he always answers her prayers.

SCI-FI/FANTASY:  Devon, Lyle, and Lawrence know that in 2022 admitting you have even a little bit of alien blood will label you an outcast faster than you can blink.

Charmed By a Ruby: A Jewel Box Anthology
Catherine Kean, Caro Carson,
T. Elliott Brown, Wynter Daniels

CONTEMPORARY/PARANORMAL/HISTORICAL:  An anthology centering on a mythical ruby supposedly owned by Merlin, the ruby ties the stories together.