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Second Chance City

Nate and Libby were friends for a few poignant years growing up in Coldwater Bay. They both left for the big city - she for New York and Nate to Boston, but eventually Nate came home. Until now, Libby had stayed away.

HISTORICAL/TIME TRAVEL/WESTERN:  Courtney Veau’s “near death experience”

All anyone wants is to fall in love and be happy, and Lady Kieri is no different. She is a lady by birth but her provincial upbringing doesn’t allow for her to have her first choice in husbands.

Lily Harkins is the talk of London. The illegitimate half-sister of Gabriel Wellingham, Earl of Trenton, she has now been recognized by the earl as his sister. He has given her both his protection and an incredible dowry.

When Brenna was a mere child of eleven, her family’s castle was overtaken. She was abducted and forced to marry the MacLeod’s son that same night.