The Worth of a Penny: Fox River Romance #3

Jess B.
New Adult

Reeling from yet another verbal assault from her dad, Penny packs her meager belongings and heads to Fox River, North Carolina to live with her half-brother, Elliot.  Dominic MacKenna, the youngest of the MacKenna brothers, always has a smile on his face, ready with a helping hand and a kind word.  When Penny walks into his life, he is drawn to her in a way that he never thought possible but he is determined just to be her friend.  Penny wants a fresh start, to prove she can stand on her own two feet with no help from anyone but from the moment Dominic smiles, her hearts melts and she wants nothing more than to crawl into the safety of his arms and never leave.  Love is a risk, and each must decide if it is worth taking that leap for the other.

A story about friendship, love and learning to trust, “The Worth of a Penny” will have readers rooting for Dominic to win Penny’s heart.  With a small town comes a lot of gossip, which drives the plot to interesting places at times and frustrating, almost irritating places as well.  Although Penny is a character readers will enjoy getting to know, her naiveté and almost childlike behavior make it hard to believe she is 21.  Dominic is the perfect leading man: charming, kind, good-looking, yet he comes off as almost too perfect, which can make him rather flat and two-dimensional at times.  The ending brings resolution and satisfaction, even if it feels rushed.  With its quaint town and interesting characters, readers will definitely be picking up the other books in the series.

Amy Cefoldo