The Wolf Master of Iron Mountain (The Witch of Appalachia Book 1)

New Adult

PARANORMAL:  When Cathleen inherits a fortune she decides that her job at a radio station was her favorite, and so she uses some of her money to buy a station in the Appalachian Mountains, in the remote town of Iron Mountain. Her father was a Celtic Mage and passed on all his knowledge before he died, but Cathleen is young enough that she isn’t overly confident about using her powers at the drop of a hat. Jason is a lifelong resident - only having left to go to college - and is now the Sheriff. He knows his town is...odd...but until Cathleen stumbles across red-eyed, giant-sized wolves, he didn’t know how odd. Or how dangerous.


Blending the rich history of the Irish Celts magic, through Druidic lines, with the folklore of the Southwest American Indian tribes is a brilliant mix of mythology, lore, and magic. Cathleen isn’t arrogant about her powers, but she isn’t spineless about them either—befitting someone in their early 20’s who knows who she is, but hasn’t tested it yet. "The Wolf Master of Iron Mountain" is written in the first person and not enough is said about Jason—a truly wonderful man. Though it’s written decently, there is a lot of telling and information dumping in this story. About halfway through, the line editing seems to stop, leaving many basic errors. The flow of the story is ruined by both elements, as it is set up to be fast paced with little breathing room for the main characters. The idea behind this, and the set up for possible future tales, is an amazing premise. A good edit would make this story into a first class blend of ancient lore from two continents.


Julie York