The Witches of BlackBrook

New Adult

PARANORMAL:  In 1693 Ipswich, Massachusetts Karina, the oldest of three sisters, is burned at the stake as her younger sisters, Kara and Kenna, watch from the shadows. Before she dies, the young witch chants a spell that will tie her and her sister’s souls together—a spell that destines each sibling to spend every following lifetime searching for her sisters. None of them can reach full Wiccan potential unless they are reunited. Today, Karina is known as Trin, and has always found one sister, Kit easily enough, but never the third. When Trin meets Caris and her handsome cousin, Jason, she begins to have hope. She’s unaware of the dark force trying to keep her separated from her sibling for its own evil purpose. 


This was a truly enjoyable read that kept this reader eager to turn the pages! The dialogue was quick and sometimes humorous, but had a tendency to sound stilted or choppy at times. It is nicely paced for the most part, and its characters fairly well-defined for a story of this length. However, Trini’s unending patience with Kit’s unreasonable jealousies grew to be annoying, even after discovering the reason behind it. The ending was slightly rushed, with the ‘solution’ to their problem suddenly becoming apparent after a single encounter with Jason. Regardless, it was a scrumptious encounter of Wiccan romantic fiction that will give anyone with a penchant for magical mysteries a day or two of delicious reading! 


Lori Leger