Into the Wind

Donald J.
New Adult

After all her attempts to keep Jordan and Kehau apart it surprises no one when Jordan’s mom takes their engagement badly, but after all their struggles to be together, they are determined to tough it out. As they juggle work and classes with the challenge of planning a wedding and trying to find time together, a new trial arises when Jordan’s mom suddenly becomes ill. Unsure if she is faking it to hinder the wedding or genuinely in trouble, Jordan and Kehau have to decide what they are willing to sacrifice to be together. Can the coming storm be weathered together,  or is their future best faced separately?


A contemporary romance set in Hawaii, this is the sequel to “Bumpy Landings” and it picks up right where the previous book left off. It should definitely be read in order to prevent confusion. With emotions running high right from the start, this is a story full of conflict. Not only does this allow for tremendous character growth, but also provides plenty of drama without relying on miscommunication, despite the uneven pace and sometimes unsympathetic heroine. The romance itself is far from warm and fuzzy but the end will leave the reader satisfied as well as hoping for a book featuring one of the new characters. Overall, readers will be unable to put down this clean read, as love proves lasting even when frustrations make it difficult.


Sarah E. Bradley