The Waxing Moon

New Adult

PARANORMAL: Lilah Neumann is fascinated by vampires, and she has always longed to live in a world filled with supernatural beings. When Lilah is thrust into life with a vampire very unexpectedly, she falls head over heels in love with him, and decides that she wants to stay with him forever. Refusing to turn her into a vampire, Cain gives her an ultimatum - if she can defeat him in a battle, he will turn her, but if she fails, he will kill her. After he abandons her back to her human life, Lilah reaches out to several different vampires to learn their skill sets so that she can defeat Cain in battle. Can she grow in her strength enough to triumph over Cain?

“The Waxing Moon” is a very fast paced vampire novel that is engaging, but also lacking in character development. Cain is the main love interest in the book, but he is also absent for about half of the story. It would be interesting to have more scenes with Lilah and Cain together, because it feels like the development in their relationship is really lacking. They fall in love pretty quickly after having just met. The author suggests that Lilah is with Cain for an extended period of time before she seeks out other vampires for training, but readers only get a glimpse of that. However, the plot itself is interesting and there are a lot of different vampire characters that are introduced. It is fascinating to learn how each vampire lives, and the environment that they surround themselves in. All of them are very unique. “The Waxing Moon” is an easy-to-read page turner with some spicy scenes thrown in. Vampire fans will absolutely adore this book.

Jennifer Shepherd