Vice Ride: A Flawed Attractions Romance

New Adult

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Running away from the impending death of her mom and the ongoing heartache caused by her ex-boyfriend, Josh, Amber manages to escape her hometown of Etobicoke, Ontario, for eighteen months. She returns home to help her father, only to end up helping Josh after finding him beaten and unconscious on the side of the road. Josh informs her he owes money to a loan shark who will resend his brutes to finish the job if he does not come up with the cash in five days. Against her better judgment, Amber agrees to a long-shot adventure to help Josh come up with the loot he needs to keep his bones intact and payoff his debt. Josh just has to promise to deny his gambling compulsion long enough to regain Amber’s trust, and hopefully her heart.

“Vice Ride” is a fast-paced tale of two young ex-sweethearts who must overcome old hurts, secrets, and bad habits. Readers will feel compelled to wager on how the characters can look past flaws and risk their hearts. The non-stop adventure of odd jobs, ruffian beat-downs, and charge-filled chemistry keeps the readers on the edge of their seat. The family dynamics of dealing with illness and disappointment are acutely felt and may require a tissue or two. The danger of dealing with loan sharks and thugs provides many thrills and chills. Readers will find this tale irresistible, as it takes them on a ride filled with anguish, compassion, and strength. Ms. Moores delivers a quick but satisfying read with characters that learn to face their fears, overcome their insecurities, and cope with addiction on a five-day gamble to love.  

Tonya Mathenia