Vale Born (Vale Born Series, #1)

New Adult

PARANORMAL: There’s a place in the trees that calls to Lily, but she knows she shouldn’t go there. Will a moment of curiosity rip her from all she knows? Opius is a proud water Fae and a general in the Queen’s army. Was it luck that drew him to the lost newcomer, or something more? Sucked up in a vortex and deposited in a strange new land with a changed body and no way home, can Lily survive in an enchanting and dangerous new world? Some of the Fae inhabiting the strange land are helpful, but some are murderous, and one fire Fae is much more. As her new powers grow, Lily must figure out which of the elf-like beings are lying, and which are worthy of her help. More importantly, someone knows what happened to her best friend, Josie, who disappeared from Earth six months before. What are the Fae hiding, and which handsome elemental is truly worthy of her love?

Readers of romantic fantasy adventure will lose themselves in Lorin Petrazilka’s fanciful realm of daydream landscapes and delectable romance. At the beginning, Lily’s journey into Alternis, a magical faerie realm, may seem sluggish, but the pace quickens as Vale Born finds its plot. Some minor issues with sentence structure resolve as well, and then the action unfurls. Readers will be swept away by the fantastical elements and compelling species as Lily finds allies among multiple cultures. Power struggles, prejudices, and wartime intrigue add depth to the landscape and people. “Vale Born” is a thrilling escape into a lush world filled with adventure, magic, and ties that bind.

Starling Gray