The Trouble With Dating Sue (Grover Beach #6)

New Adult

Chris Donovan has no idea who Susan Miller is when she first approaches him in school about a date, but when she refuses to give him the time of day after the mistaken identity is cleared up, he decides to prove that no girl can resist him and charm the nerdy girl. The only problem is that Susan is only interested in his twin brother, and the harder Chris tries to charm Sue, the quicker he falls. As the drama in both families turns up the pressure, resistance turns to steam and this challenge becomes more than either bargained for.

"The Trouble with Dating Sue" is a contemporary YA romance - the retelling of “Dating Trouble” told from Chris’ perspective - and the sixth in the “Grover Beach Team” series. Chris is a teenage alpha male: hot, cocky and a complete player, but in need of the right girl, which in this case is Sue. Susan is the kind of girl one wants to be friends with, and for some reason she falls for Chris. The reader will be completely caught up in their romance and either cheering Chris’ efforts to win over Susan or wondering why she kept getting caught up in his attempts. While the story flows well, and the emotion jumps off the page, certain character actions are a bit unbelievable, and since this is a retelling it lacks new conflict from the previous book. Still, Chris is a character that will get the reader fully invested in the story and keep the reader hooked until the end.

Sarah E. Bradley