New Adult

DYSTOPIAN: Fiona Tronick, viewed as a low-life drug dealer, is actually an undercover agent known as a Controller working for the Agency, a decentralized group challenging the current Governance. When a complete stranger hands her a briefcase full of evidence against her employers, Tronick has to figure out what they are truly hiding from her. On a covert mission to execute that same stranger as before, Tronick’s forced to face her deranged past from coming back to haunt her as she digs deep into the dirty drug world where she encounters many enemies and her outlaw brother on the way. Will she survive long enough to discover the truth, or will she die before she gets the chance?

In this action-packed New Adult dystopian novel, the suspense and twists will have the reader aching for more of this mysterious plot. Rosie Record does a wonderful job of world building in this fantastic cyberpunk-science fictional story, although the plot can be hard for the reader to follow due to the constant change in the setting following the main character in each chapter. The attachment to the characters and their development does help with the plot, especially as one feels the empowerment of all of the female characters. One can’t help but root for Tronick and she faces problem after problem. There is a bit of confusion with the switch in point of view in one instance that distracts the reader from the story at hand. Nonetheless, one will be enveloped in the creativity of this futuristic world!

Austen Grace