Taming Chloe Summers (Grover Beach Team #7)

New Adult

Chloe and Justin are camp counselors at Frog Pond Mountain, where they attended for one summer years ago.  Chloe is a bit spoiled and cannot believe that she is working at a camp instead of working on her social life and tan before she leaves for England. Justin is happy to be at the camp he once attended until he sees Chloe. Both see that they have changed physically but what about their personalities?  Taking care of teenage kids at a camp will test Chloe for sure. Justin will need to find a way to help her connect or it will be a battle for summer camp.

This book has a great storyline, and the summer camp setting provides some comic relief as the young adults attempt to control teenagers.  Many will relate to the old wounds left from adolescence as they work them out as adults.  The reader will enjoy the fact that first love can last even if separated and then reunited.  The sarcasm is a comical element added at key times. The book is enjoyable, but the beginning of the story has two cliffhangers which leave questions and cause confusion for the reader, even though they are answered much later in the book.  There are also editing mistakes that interfere with the reading experience in certain places.  Overall, this is a great love story with mild steam and a wonderful ending.

Laura Dinsdale