Taking the Ice

New Adult

“Taking the Ice” is book three in the Ice Series. Josh and Courtney first met in book one, “Crossing the Ice.” The second book, “Losing the Ice” brings the two together as pair skaters while a tender romance springs up between them. Book three starts in the United States and moves to Russia. Figure skaters are competing to be Olympic hopefuls in 2014 Winter Olympics. Courtney’s dreams center on making the Olympic team and getting a more personal ring before heading to college. Stiff competition along with Josh’s manipulative mother complicate their lives.

The author peels back the veil on figure skating world showing the importance of music, costume, choreography and emotion in each performance. “Taking the Ice” encompasses the determination that propels Olympian athletes along with the heartbreak that shadows them too. Ms. Comeaux brings back the earnest Josh and compassionate Courtney for their final bow. Josh’s parents complicate things. His mother is a classic stage mother while his father immerses himself in business much to his wife’s chagrin. 

Courtney battles her own insecurities as she presses forward in her quest to be her personal best. Josh juggles his goals along with his personal attachment to his partner. Oddly, the couple never generates any believable chemistry. Telling as opposed to showing slows the pace and distances the reader.

“Taking the Ice” is reminiscent of ice skating classics such as Ice Castles, but with a happy conclusion. The novel should appeal to those who enjoy watching figure skating and reading tender love stories. Teens and adults alike will enjoy the romance.

Morgan Stamm