The Swiss Mishap

New Adult

Elaine “Lainey” Peterson arrives in Switzerland to begin her dream internship in the chocolate department of Alpine Foods, only to find her internship cancelled. Devastated, she blindly accepts the only other internship available in the hopes it will lead to a recommendation to chocolate later. Unfortunately, that internship is one dreads most, pet care. Yves Claremont has been working toward a promotion to VP at Alpine Foods with great success. He is known as one of the best department heads and a favorite for the promotion, but he also has enemies. The last thing he needs is an intern that distracts him in ways no other woman has. However, he can’t help wanting to spend time with Lainey and push her to succeed. With their jobs hanging in the balance, will Yves get his promotion and Lainey her recommendation, or will jealous co-workers and their own forbidden romance ruin them both?

An amusing contemporary rom-com, “The Swiss Mishap” features two characters with big dreams, obvious attraction, and a string of cultural misunderstandings and language mishaps that will leave the reader with a smile and a chuckle. Yves is a strong character with complex emotions, but a straightforward personality. Lainey is all insecurity and doubt, with a cute chocolate obsession. Their romance is forbidden by the company but inevitable. The main problem is that she is easily led and pushed into almost all of her actions. Further, the plot itself is straightforward with a predictable conclusion. However, the story is so funny and heartwarming that readers will still find plenty of enjoyment in this book, and should definitely consider adding this story to their to-read list.

Sarah E Bradley