Straying Sadie (Dark Sorceress Trilogy 2)

New Adult

PARANORMAL:  Sadie Tabors didn’t ask to be The Dark Sorceress, nor did she ask to be a participant in the Sorcerer Wars. When she wakes up in Clova, the sorcery realm, her life is yet again changed forever. She has three days to defeat the other participants and save Aiden, her true love. But when Sadie meets Myles Baily, she realizes everything may not be as it seems. Not knowing who to trust or what obstacles lay at each turn, she must decide if she can trust Myles to help her or if he is just another distraction. With not only the fate of Aiden at stake, but the future of her world, Sadie is in a fight against time. She must find a way to defeat The Five and return home, before it is too late.

This magical book is filled with love, lust, and adventure. It is more a tale of destiny vs. free will than anything else. Sadie shows a lot of growth through this journey, learning firsthand the importance and value of friendship and family. Though a wide range of emotions are displayed by the characters, the reader may grow frustrated at times by the depth and complexity they seem to lack.  Ms. Tatum however, does a wonderful job of bringing humor and wit to such an impossible situation. This book has a light-hearted edge to it that leaves the reader with a happy glow, while rooting for the success of Sadie and her loveable band of friends and family. 

Amelia Kitch