A Spectacle of Souls (Circus of the Stolen Book 1)

New Adult

PARANORMAL:  Small-town waitress Caitlyn suffers from severe headaches and visions, something she does her best to fight against because she doesn’t understand what is happening to her. When a mystical circus arrives in her town, she and best friend decide to attend. While having a psychic reading done, Caitlyn learns she too is psychic, and fighting against her developing powers is what is causing her headaches. When the evil Ringmaster learns of her powers, he forces Caitlyn to join the circus, becoming one of many gifted people he holds captive, feeding off their powers and controlling their every action. Caitlyn must learn to control her abilities in order to defeat the Ringmaster, freeing all those held captive by his insidious power, including the Ringmaster himself.

“A Spectacle of Souls” is a great fit for fans of New Adult/Dark Fantasy stories. Although the beginning starts slowly, the plot soon quickens its pace, drawing readers into this mystical tale. The writing is a little juvenile in places, and some plot lines are left undeveloped and unexplained. The idea of psychic vampirism is a new angle not often seen, which leads to this tale’s distinctiveness. The way Caitlyn’s psychic powers are developed and explained is truly unique, something readers are unlikely to have seen before. The saying that “power corrupts” is showcased beautifully as one sees the Ringmaster controlled by a dark power that has overtaken the good man he used to be. Readers will be rooting for Caitlyn to save the circus performers with her powers, including the Ringmaster. Overall, a thoroughly creative and enjoyable walk on the dark side.

Katy Nielsen