Small Town Storm (Deadly Homecoming Series #2)

New Adult

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  The storm of the decade is beating down on the small town of Mossy Point, and Chief of Police ‘Mac’ McLane has his hands full. Two people are missing, one his friends has lied to him, and a young woman has come in to report a suspicious story while wearing some mysteriously acquired jewelry and very nasty bruising on her throat.  All of this has Mac wondering if he can keep the town and the love of his life safe, especially since there seems to be no end to the storm, with streets underwater, trees down, and no guesses as to when power will be restored. 

The town of Mossy Point is one very busy place during a vicious storm, with some intriguing characters drawing readers in and keeping them glued to the pages. The story is full of non-stop suspense and surprising twists to keeps readers wondering just what else could wrong next. While readers empathize with Mac and his lack of sleep,  they will also take heart because Mac seems to be great at his job and perfectly capable of finding the missing couple and keeping everyone else safe. There is some romance in the story, not only between Mac and his wife, Lizzy, but also between Doug, Mac’s friend, and Jessica, Doug’s ex-girlfriend, who has snuck back into town, causing quite a bit of excitement and suspense in the story. While the plot is very fast-paced and full of thrills and excitement, some readers may consider it to be a bit overwhelming since every event interconnects to make one exhilarating and edgy thriller!

E.L. Hurley