New Adult

Alex has her life planned out: marry her best friend, buy the perfect house, have a fantastic and fulfilling career.  Every aspect of the plan is going smoothly until her husband is caught cheating on her — with another man.  Now  Alex must deal not only with the aftermath of a cheating scandal, but also the fact her husband is gay.  She thrusts herself into her career, hoping to find fulfillment.  However, even in the midst of great success, she finds herself lonely and wondering whether she will ever find real love.  With the advice of her crazy mix of friends, she takes on the dating scene and must decide if love is worth the risk of another broken heart.

One cannot ask for a better leading-lady than Alex: successful, witty, full of sass and so relatable.  From the beginning, the reader will be engrossed in Alex’s life, her heartache, and her recovery. The plot develops quickly, with funny first dates, encouraging friendships, and heart-pounding moments of falling in love.  Michael, Alex’s gay ex-husband, is the perfect mix of villain and best friend, so that the reader can hate him but understand how Alex could learn to forgive.  Alex’s budding friendship with Daniel is sweet, fun, and full of great tension.  The only real complaints are a few underdeveloped scenes and unnecessary drama that throws the plot off for a time.  Ultimately, it is a great story that is part self-discovery, part romance and wholly enjoyable.  

 Amy Cefoldo