Shelter Me: A Shelter Novel (Volume 1)

New Adult

Ryn meets Lucas the day before her first art show at a friend’s gallery in New York City. She is dealing with amnesia, anxiety and the fear that if she does find out about her past, it will mean the end of her artistic talent and career. She desperately wants to solve the puzzle. Lucas takes on the role of protector as evidence that someone may be stalking her comes to light. He seems to be a kindred spirit.


"Shelter Me" will capture the reader's interest from the very first page, and the fluidity of the writing is a pleasure. Written in the first person, the novel contains extremely realistic dialogue. The author concentrates on introducing characters, putting them in believable situations, and giving the reader glimpses of their possible true personalities. Every once in a while, the story switches from past to present tense (presumably for emphasis). The slow build up, which thankfully involves diverse characters, also allows expectations to accumulate. Those expectations will hopefully be met by readers willing to wait for the next book. The instant attraction and the subsequent physical relationship between the two main characters happen unbelievably quickly, and the focus eventually shifts from her memory concerns to his modus operandi. The author successfully forms questions in the reader's mind in this ramp-up to a series.


Heather R. Nielsen