Shattered (An Open Heart Novel: Book Two)

Sharon M.
New Adult

PARANORMAL:  Mischa is on a mission to save her sisters, the clones marked for annihilation by their maker. The discovery of her true nature has changed Mischa both physically and mentally. No longer a carefree teen, she is now an enhanced soldier. She fears attachment to her friends and family, which makes her relationships with them rife with turmoil. 


Ryder loves Mischa. He knows that he must wait for her to come to terms with her new powers before he attempts to rekindle their relationship. They share a powerful secret that will soon change everything they know about the world around them. 


"Shattered" is an adventure diving into the psyches of two enhanced youth dealing with dramatic changes in their lives, and has the potential to be an outstanding suspense read but first, it is imperative that the reader realizes this is not a stand-alone novel. Not reading “Divided” leaves so many things unclear that the first half of the book makes no sense. Unfortunately, once the story clears up, the characters remain flat and almost emotionless. Between confusing information and a shifting plot that maneuvers in odd ways, the read can be quite difficult. The payoff, though, is that the ending is magnificent. Suddenly the reader is drawn into something that hooks them, reeling them back into the realm of the true story being told. The book has so much to offer, it just needs a boost of back story, an injection of knowledge, and more action to drive the plot in a straight line. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto