Shadows of Doubt

New Adult

Jeff Hudson was a bully in elementary school, a drug dealer in college, and ultimately a college dropout. So when he comes back to town after many years of working on his uncle’s farm, it only makes sense that his former elementary teacher would be hesitant to see her daughter date him. Sandy’s mother would rather she date Bill, the son of her best friend who’s been away at college for the last four years. When Sandy starts working her summer job babysitting for the Hudson family, she is shocked to find that Jeff will be spending the summer there as well while taking classes at the local university. As Jeff and Sandy get increasingly closer, an old acquaintance shows up, threatening to expose Jeff and his past. Now Jeff must figure out which is more important: keeping himself and his secret safe, or risk losing everything he’s been working towards.

“Shadows of Doubt” is a story of redemption as Jeff works to not only change other people’s perception of him, but also to continue to better himself overall. The reader will find themselves entranced as Jeff discovers that the judgement he has carried for his father is very similar to what has been weighing on his own shoulders. Sandy appears to be quite naive and in denial at times, like a typical teen girl. Sandy and Jeff make a sweet couple, although their relationship moves a bit too quickly early on. Learning to forgive and move forward seems to be a prevalent theme. A quick read full of surprising twists with a dash of delightful romance!

Marie Sanderson