New Adult

Isabella is the only family member to ever attend college. Her scholarship is the only way she’s made it this far. She’s set to graduate in few months, and her mentor and professor, a notorious investigative reporter whom she’s known for years gives her a final assignment that is outrageous, and her entire grade hinges on it. If she doesn’t deliver, she risks not graduating.  Shadows is the mysterious man on campus. He’s gorgeous, and is known as the campus’ local MMA fighting star – and a player when it comes to the ladies. He’s her project ‘subject’, and she’s been ordered to reveal his secrets, no matter who it hurts in the process. When chemistry sparks between them, things get dicey. Will her conscience win out, or will her secrets destroy a fresh friendship and crush earned trust?

“Shadows” is an engaging plot bursting with compassion and strength while hiding many secrets. The protagonists share their college in common, and some difficult life situations. The encounter in which they meet leading to the gym trainings is a great springboard for their relationship development, leading to sizzling chemistry. The supporting characters display loyalty and security. Isabella is driven and motivated to her success, even though she seems somewhat immature in certain circumstances. Shadows has had a hard life, and readers may appreciate more back story of his upbringing and family dynamics, also more about his sister who he leans on often. Here’s hoping “Shadows” is the first of more to come from the gang at the gym, and the crew who work at Secrets. A great read to curl up with!

Viola Robbins