The Power of Us (Us Duology Book 1)

New Adult

Cassidy Knite, a college freshman with a tragic past, is in her first year at Columbia University when she is granted the opportunity of a lifetime—an internship at The Artefact, a New York newspaper. Though the attraction between her and her boss, Harly Ashbey, is obvious, their work situation and difference in power dynamics keeps them from immediately acting upon it. When they do, their whirlwind romance worries some of their closest friends and families. Despite objections to their taboo, possessive relationship, Harly and Cassidy must determine if their love has the power to stand the test of time.

Author Skylar Shoar excels at capturing the two distinct voices and perspectives of Harly and Cassidy throughout this book. Each section is written in first person, and the narrative voices are clear as a bell and incredibly compelling. Unfortunately, the pacing of “The Power of Us” drags. It is a long book and there are several repetitive scenes that promote a feeling of déjà vu, almost as if the same arguments were being rehashed over and over again, but not in a way that feels organic. Readers who enjoy possessiveness or jealousy in their romance novels will love this book, while those who do not may find aspects infuriating. The lust factor is spot on while the romance feels far fetched at times; stated rather than felt. Skylar Shoar’s mastery of characters, particularly when it comes to charming and fun secondary characters, leaves readers engrossed—anxious to come back for more.

Shailyn Rogers