Poet of the Wrong Generation

New Adult

Johnny Elias is a young poet who is madly, deeply in love with Megan Price. She is his everything, his inspiration. Unfortunately, there is someone who seeks to drive a permanent wedge in their relationship - Megan’s mother. When deception destroys Johnny’s faith in his love, life takes a dramatic turn. From poet to rock star, Johnny finds success, but always pines for his lost love. Megan is simply at a loss, constantly wishing she could go back and change the decisions that drove Johnny away. Katherine Price feels she is completely in control, but time will prove her very wrong. 


"Poet of the Wrong Generation" is full of exactly that imagery, as Johnny’s songs are shared throughout the novel. It is a profound look inside a generation of music. The music is a driving force to the story, but becomes overwhelming and sometimes cuts the flow of the story off completely. The worst issue is that the story seems to come to a conclusion more than once, making it a choppy read. The actual ending also begs for a bit more time and story. Stumbling over the pacing is worth the challenge, however, as the story has an uplifting finale worthy of both a debutante and a rock star. The cast of characters is a picture of variety as they cover various ages and stages of life. Johnny is a rare kind of man that holds on to his morals and most importantly his love. Never letting go can have its advantages. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto