The Perseverance of Us (Us Duology Book 2)

New Adult

Cassidy and Harly’s taboo workplace relationship has already been tumultuous. Surely their wedding day of the young intern and newspaper tycoon will bring some peace to their lives. But even their wedding day does not end the ups and downs. In fact, their wedding day is just the beginning of an emotional journey full of illness, tragedy, and all-encompassing drama. As each new hurdle passes by, Cassidy and Harly must learn how to survive and overcome what is thrown at them. But will it ultimately tear them apart, or bring them closer together?

Skylar Shore’s pacing is dynamic and fast, bringing her readers along for the ride on an emotional rollercoaster.  “The Perseverance of Us” is best read following the first book. There are too many crucial-to-the-plot details that can only be found in the first book for this to operate as a stand-alone. As in the first book, the author continues to create compelling and distinct voices for her characters. The number of ups and downs the couple faces on their search for a happily ever after is almost unbelievably high, but Ms. Shoar’s commitment to the emotional life of each character helps to root the book in reality. The external conflicts really drive the show. While Harly and Cassidy’s emotional lives are well fleshed out, the interpersonal conflicts are a little less well developed. Ms. Shoar weaves a tale full of excitement and surprise, leaving readers unable to put the book down until the very end.

Shailyn Rogers