May Day: A Gray Witch Novel

New Adult

Shunned by her old black witch coven and deemed unworthy by the white witches, Ari must carve out her own place—without anyone else.  Determined to use her magic for good, Ari helps others by reading tarot and using herbal magic, hoping all the good will one day snuff out the darkness she once possessed.  Her life is a quiet one until a powerful being begins attacking witches and humans alike.  With danger lurking around every corner, Ari must do whatever it takes to bring together the black and white witches, or life as they know it will cease to exist. 

An exciting ride from the first page to the last, “May Day” will have lovers of a good paranormal tale reading late into the night.  Ms. Born layers in intrigue and mystery early on, drawing the reader into the story quickly, building in rising and falling tension along with action throughout the entire book.  The issues come with a lack of in-depth character development and full world building.  Although the plot is interesting, without a full picture to stand on, the story as a whole begins to unravel and is unable to pick up the pieces.  Readers may also finish the book feeling as if they still don’t know or understand Ari, leaving them with more questions than answers. However, readers who are well versed in paranormal may not have any difficulties grasping the world and will otherwise be able to fully enjoy Ms. Born’s writing.

Amy Cefoldo