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No one likes to be kept in the dark, especially when the dark can be hiding terrible secrets. Holly Ellison misses her best friend, Tess Edwards. Sure, they stay in touch, but lately Tess and her family have been acting strangely around Holly and that hurts more than she would like to admit.

LeeAnn Thompson isn’t looking for love. As Director of Production at the Detroit Sports Network television station, she is accomplished, driven and above all, very busy. Years ago, LeeAnn allowed her need for control and independence to stifle her romantic relationship with the owner of DSN. Now she is best friends with his lovely wife, as well as his ex-wife.

Two of Lucas’s friends have found love through the military’s matchmaking services, so he figures why not give it a shot! He’s not necessarily looking for one true love, but rather a suitable companion and a woman who can be a great stepmother to his son. Then he learns that his match is the girl who broke his heart in high school, and his hopes for something simple are out the window.

Not For You To Know
Abdulilah Hamadi
Narrator: Matthew Welding and Carol Carpenter

Camilla and Ethan have a thesis project they think will change the world. When their world is turned upside down because of a failed job opportunity, they initially think it’s the beginning of the end of their careers. In all actuality, they’ve dodged a bullet and embark on a dangerous adventure to save the world from AI attempting to take over all of humanity—literally.

Second Look (Griffin Force, #4)
Julie Coulter Bellon
Narrator: Tristan Wright

Nate is called upon to recapture the world’s most wanted terrorist, who has just escaped from a high security prison. At the prison, he meets investigator Abby, and she seems like the perfect asset to his team… until he learns about her complicated past. Left with questioning her loyalty to her country, Nate moves forward with her by his side in an effort to keep his potential enemies close.