Marie's World: The Aftermath

Joe E. Legend,
Kristal McKerrington
New Adult

Marie, a famous dancer and TV star, returns to her hometown in Scotland to get some relief from the repercussions her twin sister Layla’s tell-all book has caused. With her life exposed and a literal open book, she struggles to rebuild her career and get her life back on an even keel. However, complications from past lovers and choices along with being terrorized by her former husband, gets in the way of her rejuvenation. Added to her troubles is the fact that her former husband is the only man she has ever truly been in love with, as well as her most deadly obstacle.

This entertaining, contemporary romance is an intricate and deep look into the life, thoughts, and emotions of a complex and troubled woman. Even though this book stands alone, greater clarity can be garnered if the series is read from book one. With its myriad of secondary characters and convoluted back stories, one finds their introduction a cause for much confusion and back reading as one tries to understand the storyline. Along with repetitious sentences and a cliffhanger ending, this tale has some issues, however the emotion-filled plot keeps one turning the pages to its conclusion. With more clarification of the secondary characters and their stories in relation to the protagonist, this novel has the potential for a much higher rating. 

Janna Shay