Love, Alchemy

New Adult

FANTASY/SCI-FI:  Daveigh Little makes some bad choices, and the chase begins. As a young girl about to leave her hometown behind and start new at college, frat parties aren’t in her cards. With the help of a rookie cop named Ethan Remington, she’s about to embark on a journey, one with the heat of romance and spine tingling revelations.

A gifted writer can make a reader giddy with excitement. “Love, Alchemy” opens with enough character depth and plot to start a small snowball rolling down a very large mountain. It’s easy to be drawn in with talented writing. This is a hands-free read - if it were a movie, both hands would be shoveling popcorn in as fast as it would go!  Davey is a product of her past. With bravado, brains, and a dislike for authority, she ends up being the focus of a kingpin. She needs help and finds a partner in Ethan Remington. Aloof and mysterious, Remington heats up the pages enough to light a welding torch. “Love, Alchemy” rates high in romantic suspense, dialogue, and all the ingredients of a novel that hangs around for a few days after the last page, although some readers may find the pace stalls at times. Attempting to sleuth this mystery is part of the fun. If riddles and intrigue rate high on your list “Love, Alchemy” won’t disappoint.

Sloane Austen