Lost in Flight (Aella Duology - Book 1)

New Adult

TIME TRAVEL:  On a satellite planet, many years into the future, time travel is possible and resources are scarce. Our main character Aella is forced to choose between starvation and certain death, or working in an un-hospitable work place. She chooses life, and begins working immediately, hoping to leave her hardships behind. Curious about the ins-and-outs of her workplace, Aella is drawn to a mysterious time machine. Defying her brooding boss, Billows, she crawls aboard the private flight set to take its patrons back to ancient earth circa 1939. Technical difficulties force a crash landing and a definite change in plans. Stranded in a foreign world from a long ago past, Aella and Billows must find a way to survive while waiting for their rescue. The result of their adventure, neither of them expected.

The premise of the book is unique in the sense that the story's characters had to adapt to and live in the past time they crashed landed in. The planet they came from was many years in the future in an almost apocalyptic environment, so their interactions with our animals and the change in style of dress gave the reader a glimpse of their struggle. The remainder of the text was predictable and lacked surprises. One was able to anticipate the entire plot line with shocking accuracy. The awkward relationship between Aella and Billows became the only glimmer of interest throughout the book. Their depth of feelings was touching and the novel's slight redemption.

Amy Willis