A Little of Chantelle Rose

New Adult

MYSTERY:  Chantelle Rose, a feisty waitress at a coffee shop, is bored with her life. When she and a high school friend take a road trip in the English countryside, they veer off the road into a bog. Luckily for them, two handsome Good Samaritans generously offer to help tow their car out and take it to a local garage. As they stroll through the village, Chantelle sees what looks like the home of her dreams, and amazingly, it’s for sale!  Of course, she doesn’t have the money, but a Hollywood producer sees Chantelle  and offers her a part in a movie. She accepts the offer, goes to Hollywood and meets the star of the movie, a dead ringer for one of the good looking Samaritans that towed her friend’s car out of the bog. Who is this man? 

"A Little of Chantelle Rose" is a fast-paced romantic comedy that will keep the reader in stitches.  Author Cristina Hodgson has an engaging writing style; the dialogue is crisp, the settings are engaging, the plot is perfectly paced. The characters are memorable and they will pull one right into the story. Chantelle is a delightful protagonist with a "take no prisoners" attitude and the reader will root for her throughout her struggles. The one difficulty with the book was toward the end: the tension with the antagonist was not easy to recognize throughout the book, but the reasoning’s for the actions were simplistic and should have been more dramatic. However, the reader will breeze through this book like you would a Saturday spin class with the most fabulous playlist and the promise of cocktails to come.

L. Kane