Liberty (Citizen’s of Logan’s Pond Book 2)

New Adult

DYSTOPIAN:  Six years ago the stock market crashed for the last time and America collapsed, with devastating results. The President has been in power for six years and instead of things getting better, they have gotten steadily worse. The families who have lost everything and are now living “off the grid” are considered illegals. Citizenship is granted to those who still own property or have money. The police are granted green cards, which allow them to work and earn more money, live in houses, and lead normal lives. Greg and Carrie love one another, but he is a citizen and she is an illegal, so they see no way for their situation to allow them to wed. This is the story of a country gone mad.


This tome has an Orwellian feel to it, with a darkness so well written that it seeps into the reader’s bones and chills the heart. The plot is unique with lots of turns that keep one on edge. The characters are well described and one can easily imagine them going about their daily duties in their ragged clothes. It is difficult to read this piece and not empathize with the characters in their desperation. The only thing that takes away from this truly excellent novel is that there are a number of duplicate and missing words.  A final edit would polish this gem to brilliance! This novel has a scary but very realistic premise, which makes it a piece that should be required reading for young and old alike.  


Belinda Wilson