Lainie: The Palmer Sisters Book 1

New Adult

When Lainie Palmer-Bottoms walks into Keeton Gustafson’s motorcycle shop for an interview, she never expects to meet someone so intriguing or alluring as Keeton. The attraction between Lainie and Keeton is instantaneous. Lainie realizes that Keeton needs help in his office, and Keeton lets Lainie use his car while attempting to fix her old car. Keeton asks Lainie to work for him thus helping her write her book. As Lainie and Keeton get closer, their relationship isn’t picture perfect. Plus, Lainie’s ex-husband could ruin the fledgling relationship between the two. Lainie’s self-doubt also could sabotage the feelings she holds for Keeton. Can the two find a way to be together even with everything working against them?

This is a delightful contemporary romance of two opposites who find love. The book is wonderfully engaging, with funny and touching moments. The story, however, moves a little too quickly, and the love seems to develop excessively fast, though somehow manages to work in this case. The author writes quite well, making the reading flow easily.  Lainie is an amazing heroine who seems comfortable in her own skin despite her passivity. Her family is just so incredible that it’s easy to like all of them. On the other hand, Lainie’s ex-husband’s character really doesn’t make much sense nor does his anger towards her since he broke up with her. Keeton, the motorcycle-driving, tattooed hero, is just fantastic and so easy to fall for. That at times it’s hard to see what he sees in Lainie beyond the physical. Still readers will easily identify with the characters making for an enjoyable read!

Roslynn Ernst