Knights of Souls and Shadows (Knights of Souls and Shadows Book 1)

New Adult

LGBTQ: Elliana and her twin sister, Brielle are quite powerful. So powerful, in fact, that many supernatural creatures either want them dead or to utilize their power. Realizing the predicament they are in, they are sent to another realm until it is safe. After two years, they attempt to come back. Elliana sees her old flame in trouble. She takes a risk to save her and it backfires. She is then sent to the Winter Court in Faery. She is purchased by the dark fae prince but he is not all that he seems. Elliana is attracted to him and doesn’t know why or how since she loves another. But a deal is a deal. She can’t go back now with war on the horizon.

This spin-off series is sure to be a delight to fans of the original series! If readers aren’t familiar with the original series, don’t worry, this book can be read without reading the previous series. However, the first part of the book does throw out so much information that it can be confusing. The characters are a delight! They are strong but still learning about themselves. The representation is also phenomenal! Unfortunately, the timeline does jump around a bit which slows down the pace of the novel. It is clear though that the author just wants the readers to explore as much of this creative world as possible. Although the book ends with a MASSIVE cliffhanger, readers will be counting down the days until the release of the next book!

Amanda Hupe