Kailey: Guardians of the Origin

New Adult

PARANORMAL:  Kailey thinks nothing great is in store for her; she knows that she can’t be picked as a Guardian—a protector of all beings. Still, Kailey trains and has plans; if she can’t be a Guardian, she will work in the school training others to become future Guardians. One day a puppy, a familiar, finds Kailey, but she knows she must get rid of it because it means she is chosen by the Origin as a Guardian. No matter how hard she tries to get rid of the puppy, it manages to find her.  When Kailey meets Tristan, a troll, and her supposed soul mate-her, status as a Guardian is positively assured. Now Kailey must work together with Tristan, who she doesn’t really trust, to fight and stop the evil that could destroy all worlds.

This is a beautiful coming of age story filled with paranormal creatures told magically and eloquently! The book does move slowly, and there are battle sequences with little explanation of what is going on. The paranormal aspects, what Guardians are, and descriptions of the different realms are confusing at times. So trying to imagine everything can be a struggle. The story is saved from boring mystical monotony by the strong feminist heroine, Kailey, who manages to bring a sense of realism. Even when Kailey falls in love with Tristan, she never loses who she is. Tristan though is overshadowed by Kailey, and his potential as Kailey’s equal falls short. Even with its faults, this story, told with real situations and gritty characters, will manage to touch all readers!

Roslynn Ernst